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Jubilee hospitals aims to provide affordable and high-quality healthcare with specific focus on emergency services, preventive diagnostics & senior care

About Us

About Us


Dr M Nagi Reddy

An Endocrinologist, Diabetologist and General Physician Dr M Nagi Reddy graduated (MBBS) from the prestigious Gandhi Medical College, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad (NTR University of Health Sciences). He initially worked as resident and senior resident in Gandhi General Hospital & various corporate hospitals in Hyderabad in the department of medicine.Dr.MN Reddy with a clear goal to reach the heights of clinical excellence continued his higher studies with his career starting in the United Kingdom (UK). He obtained higher medical qualifications in General Medicine, Diabetes & Endocrinology. He holds membership of various Prestigious Royal Colleges in the United Kingdom - MRCP (UK), MRCGP (UK). He was involved in original research at the Queen Mary University, London and in the process obtained his Masters in Science-MSc (UK). He is also holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) specialising in Strategic Hospital Administration. He has held various administrative responsibilities in the tertiary and the community NHS in the United Kingdom. On his return to India and his zeal for medical ethics and accountability, he is currently perusing a Degree in Indian Law (LLB). In his career spanning over two decades, he has been associated with several organizations in India, Europe, UK and USA. Starting as a junior physician in the UK, Dr.MN Reddy went on to represent the Regional Doctors in the British Medical Association. He has fought for the cause of the Junior Doctors working hours and Implementation of European Working Regulations for the Junior and Senior Doctors. He was for a long time associated with the OOOO and served as a Secretary, unifying overseas doctors working in United Kingdom on to one platform to spread unity among them. Recognising his robust contribution in activities of clinical profession development & teaching, he was bestowed with award for the “Outstanding Contribution in Profession” by the Royal College of Physicians. Dr.MN Reddy is responsible for most of the India related investments, operations and business development. He brings not only significant M&An advisory expertise to the role, but a passion for team development and clear alignment with Acumen’s values. Dr.MN Reddy has a penchant for innovation and technology development and this has evidenced itself in the sound R&D base of the Hospital. His clear vision had placed Jubilee Hospital in a strategic position serving the poorest strata of the society with world class ethical medicine and infrastructure facilities. Dr M N Reddy is now embarking on newer business opportunities in Medical Low Cost Diagnostics, Heath Care Service Delivery and Medical Infrastructure Management. With long years of Local, National and International Clinical and Managerial experience and a deep passion for the academics and Management Science, he is a mentor and teacher for the budding Clinical Physicians, Diabetologists, Endocrinologists, Academics and Hospital Managers.In due course of his extensive career Dr.MN Reddy has participated in many international seminars and conferences in diabetes and endocrinology to further enhance his evidence based medical knowledge and clinical skills. He has also been involved in original research and management of diabetic ketosis in type 1 diabetic patients at the Queen Mary University, London.

With a rich experience of 16 years in the field of medicine and hospital administration Dr.MN Reddy has handled various challenging clinical and administrative situations in India and abroad, Dr. MN Reddys ambition is to establish ethical and world class super speciality medical facility along with his professional colleagues and provide cost effective service to the local people.. Out of his passion for service to the poor Jubilee Hospital as a polity conducts on a regular basis various speciality free camps in the community.

Dr. E Goutham Reddy

Dr. E Goutham Reddy completed his medical education from Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad (NTR University of Health Sciences) after securing the best ranks in the intense competition involving thousands of aspirants. Dr.E Goutham has an inclination for research and information technology in medicine. He has an MS degree in Biomedical Informatics from Singapore. He then went on to Europe and has worked as Senior Scientist and Senior Research Physician in Eli Lilly in Singapore and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals in Sweden for 12 years. He is the founder director of several medical research and innovation based companies in US, EU, Singapore and India. He has extensive experience in incorporating healthcare related business and building them into successful global enterprises. He lectures to medical students in Europe, and has published 12 research publications and one book chapter.

Dr Goutham at Jubilee Hospital leads important arms of hospital, the human resources, finance and investment planning. With him at the helm of the financial planning Jubilee Hospital was able to turn around and become a self-sufficient and broke even in the second month of operations since inception. He also made sure the hospital has enough investors and the hospital is a EMI free hospital with no overheads to be worried about and can carry on with its base line ambition of ethical service to the poor. Dr Goutham specialises at turning around the sick units with his entrepreneurial skills.

Miss J Akshitha Reddy

Miss Akshitha is currently pursuing her graduation in Engineering in Hyderabad. She has completed her schooling from the prestigious institution of The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, Hyderabad. She completed her plus 12 from the Sri Gayathri Institute.Ms.JAkshitha Reddy deals with the internet based innovative strategies for promotion of preventive health programmes, best medical practice, online appointments, online follow up of chronic disease and web based health information. We have been successful in creating a continuing data base which is helpful for both the patients on one side and the health care industry on the other side comprising of health care professional, pharmaceutical industry, diagnostics technology and various allied medical technologies. Integrating modern techniques and available resources to make the patients’ medical journey as pleasant as possible is the corner stone of the future health technologies. We are also working to introduce new software in hospitals to integrate patient case records, investigation reports and prescriptions for ease of sharing information when required by different health care professionals. As the world becomes one small village with the expansion of Internet to the nook and corner of the world we are also exploring the scope of medical tourism for our hospital based business

Summary of the hospital

The hospital is located on the main highway leading to Siddipet & Karimnagar, Opp. Rythu Bazaar, Alwal, Secunderabad and is easily accessible to ambulances and also for taxi, buses & trains. Jubilee Hospital due its location opposite the bus rythu bazaar in Alwal is one of the famous, popular and well known hospitals in this area. Lot of people visiting the outpatient department at the hospital and people visiting the rythu bazaar for shopping find it easy to finish with the shopping at hospital pharmacy and outpatient visits at the same time. With immense goodwill generated by Jubilee Hospital due its ethical medical practice, good patient outcomes, low cost diagnostics and the famous Master Health Check programmes combined with its FREE health check and awareness camps; the hospital outpatient department is always in demand. Alwal train station is just a few metres away from jubilee hospital and is at walk able distance to the hospital. The train connects the hospital to various district and mandal headquarters like Karimnagar ect. This makes the travel easy and affordable for patients to attend hospital emergency inpatient and outpatient appointment. As the hospital is located on the main road (NH 44) it reduces the time for the patient and ambulance to arrive at the emergency department, as it is important to look after the golden hour in the emergency situation. The hospital is well equipped to receive all emergencies and cater to the emergency situation. Jubilee Hospital causality is a 10 bedded unit with emergency care consultants, casualty nurses, paramedics and other staff well supported by the department of radiology and diagnostics located on the same floor next to the casualty. The department is manned 24 hours by specialist doctors and trauma care team well supported by clinical radiologists and technicians of the radiology department and the diagnostic technicians.

In today’s environment safeguarding the health is very important in every walk of life. For this, one has to know the condition or situation of the body. Keeping this in view a team of esteemed doctors, specialized in various branches of medicine have come together with a common objective of starting a Hospital with latest and high end technological equipment. The services provided at Jubilee Hospital are cheaper and more qualitative than the services provided by the existing big corporate hospitals. There is a special need for a hospital of our size in Alwal area of Hyderbad city which can cater to all the medical and surgical specialities and super specialities along with a in house Cardiac Cath-lab, Dialysis Centre, Casuality, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Coronary Care Unit, NICU & PICU, state of are Operation Theatres, Radiology, Diagnostic Services and Pharmacy under one roof. The existing smaller size hospitals in Alwal area including specialized diagnostic centres are sending some of the patients to far off and expensive hospitals in the heart of the city to sort out various illness due to lack of all the super specialties under one roof in Alwal area.

Jubilee hospital is divided into five floors all situated in a single building with all amenities like in-house canteen, pharmacy, lift, ramp etc. Each floor houses a specialised department.

  • Ground Floor – Casualty (10 Beds), CT scan, X-Ray, Ultrasound, TMT, EEG, EMG, Biochemistry, Pathology
  • First – Outpatients, Pharmacy, Dialysis Unit, Billing, Front Desk
  • Second – General Ward (Male and Female), Arogyashree Ward, Deluxe Rooms
  • Third – ICU (40 Bedded), NICU, PICU, Special Rooms
  • Fourth – Cardiac Cath Lab, Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Coronary Care Unit (CCU), Doctors Longue, Operation Theatres, Septic Theatres, Delivery Suite.

Jubilee Hospitals has on its panel highly distinguished specialists who are trained in the best institutions in India and abroad. They bring their rich experience which they have gained from their dedication and hard work from across the world. The panel of doctors at Jubilee Hospital comprises of specialists and super specialists from all disciplines of Surgery and Medicine.

Jubilee Hospitals offers the best in the fields of :

  • Cardiology, Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
  • Neurology, Neurosurgery
  • Urology, Nephrology
  • General Medicine, General Surgery & Intensive Care
  • Orthopaedics, Emergency Medicine &Trauma; Care
  • Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Paediatrics & Neonatology
  • Surgical and Medical Gastroenterology
  • Endocrinology & Rheumatology
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Pulmonology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Oncology & Palliative Care
  • Ophthalmology
  • Dermatology
  • ENT
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Dietetics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Microbiology, Pathology & Radiology

All the specialist department at Jubilee Hospital are supported by a mix of junior and senior well-trained front line professional medical staff who specialise in their field of expertise as it will help the patient care to be delivered at its best.

Jubilee Hospital is promoted by a group of eminent entrepreneurial doctors who are highly qualified in their respective fields of medical expertise and have an inclination to deliver the best of Medicare in India. The promoters have all started their careers in medical schools in Hyderabad and went on to acquire various super specialties training at the top universities the world over. After finishing their training and working in their respective fields abroad for a long time, they returned to Hyderabad to provide world class health care services to their own population, friends and relatives.

The present building as a hospital has been in existence since 2012 with the name of Oxygen Hospital. The hospital was closed down in the middle of 2015 and was taken over by Jubilee Hospital by the end of 2015. We are presently in the process of acquiring various empanelment and are looking towards expanding the hospital beds to accommodate the demand of catering to development of new departments.

JUBILEE HOSPITAL provides cashless facilities to the patients who present to the hospital in emergency or in the OPD who require admission to the hospital for further management of their medical condition. The process of cashless admission is sometimes easy and simple and may sometimes be complicated. The hospital has to apply for the preauthorisation of the admission to the concerned insurance provider. The insurance provider will look at the details of admission as provided by the hospital and make a decision as to allow cashless admission or not. Once the decision for the admission is made the admission is cashless until discharge. There are certain ingredients that the insurance provider does not pay for and have to be excluded from the bill and paid for by the patients.

Present Status of the Unit

The Hospital has been successfully running for the past four years. The hospital was closed down in July of 2015. We have taken over the hospital in the month of January 2016 and started partial operations from February 2016. Presently the hospital is open 24X7 hours and is fully operational in serving the patients. The previous unit has business understanding with many Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Government Organizations, Banks, Insurance Companies, Corporate Companies for the welfare of their employees and clients, further with Third Party Agreements (TPAs) and Doctors who are practicing in their individual capacities. We are in the process of transferring the MOUs to our hospital. The unit has recruited market experts who are specialized in communicating the services and facilities available in the unit and importance of the health and their role to protect their health. The unit presently has 1 ambulance for emergency and regular purposes, which is used for bring the patients from various places without charging any extra amount towards transportation.

Vicinity of the Unit

The unit is located on the main highway connecting the city to the districts headquarters of Karimnagar and Nizamabad. The hospital is located on the main highway which makes it easy for ambulances with trauma patients to arrive quickly with any delay in the “GOLDEN FIRST HOUR OF TRAUMA”. The unit is very much access able to all areas within and outside of the city also. The location is connected by way of good commutation system such as buses which are run by the Government and hiring autos which are private, they are also very cheaper and connected to suburban areas of the city. The unit is surrounded by the housing colonies, many business set ups and many practicing individuals doctors.

Medical Equipment

The unit has state of the art and advanced technological Medical Equipment for medical imaging, biochemical testing, pathology laboratory equipment and haematology and dialysis equipment. The unit is taking all precautionary measures to safe guard the equipment and to run the unit more effectively. There is no compromise in the area of maintaining the standards and calibrations towards equipment.

Social Responsibility

The unit has conducted camps to various places with the association of voluntary organisations, hospitals and doctors and given treatment to the people for various diseases and also distributed the medicines to the poor people. The team of doctors also educated the people towards the precautions for healthy life.

Future Plans

The unit have planning to recruit some more Specialist, Super Specialist doctors and marketing experts. They also have plan to business understandings with hospitals located within and outside the city, which mainly towns connected to the hospital by the national highway. This gives the smaller hospital in the town easier access to quality medical care with easy access. Our hospital is also offering some special package offers. The hospital has already introduced the discount facilities to various standards of living people depend on their economic conditions, the unit got good response from the public so far. By taking this into consideration various other local circumstances Jubilee Hospital management is planning to introduce some more offers to have a major market share in inpatient and outpatient services.

Future Plans towards expansion

The hospital is planning to introduce state of art equipment to conduct various surgeries in different specialities and sub specialities in the hospital. The hospital is also planning to upgrade the software and hard ware as required in the current hospital equipment. Jubilee Hospital after reaching the first mile stone will be expanding in to other areas of comprehensive health care such as Pharmacy, Nursing College, Training Colleges for the skilled health care man power and clinical research etc.,

Market Analysis and Demand

The demand for Medicare is huge in south of India and in Hyderabad due to many reasons. The people are now very much aware of their health needs, the earning capacity of each individual is increased due to increase in technology growth, policies of governments, business growth within surrounding areas of city. Many corporate organizations, non corporate organizations, government organizations are providing Mediclaim Insurance Policies for the staff as welfare measure. In India, on account of resource constraint and overriding priorities with compare to other sectors, the investment in public healthcare has not kept parity. With the increasing demand the gap between need and availability of healthcare facilities is rapidly widening. This inadequacy is further compounded due to technical inefficiency and inequitable distribution of existing healthcare infrastructure. The national resources have fallen short of the needs resulting in persistent shortages under rationing of essential commodities, amenities and utility services, including healthcare. Further, attempts to enhance the performance of these services have not been very successful due to in favourable logistics, inefficient usage of technology, lack of motivation among the people, lack of awareness towards their health, all contributing towards low productivity in the area of health needs.

Healthcare needs in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has emerged as a major contributor to the growth of information technology which as transformed into a major employment centres in the country. Apart from the IT Development, Hyderabad has also progressed in the field of education with the establishment of prestigious institutions like Inter National School of Business, Indian Institute of Technology, Hardware Technology Park, and Knowledge Park apart from other institutions. Over the past decade more and more people from all over the world have chosen Hyderabad as home for reasons of employment conducive business environment, progressive Government, Lower cost of living, good weather and good communal compositions. The state has been a late starter in Industrial Development commencing with shipbuilding, aeronautics, machine tools, electronics and pharmaceutical in public sector. This scenario has rapidly changed in the last two decades on account of phenomenal increase in Hydro Electric and thermo electric power generation, greater central investment in industrial infrastructure liberal state industrial development policies. Further, the population of Hyderabad and its surroundings in the last decade has increased steadily from around 30 Lakhs to 125 Lakhs since 1991. In view of the above development, Hyderabad is considered as health capital of India