Home Health Services

Home Health Assistant

At Jubilee Home Health we bring in a wealth of experience in the field of home health. We have been in this care for a long time and understand the practical difficulties families face with disabled adults to care for at home. We offer to manage the health care needs along with the activities of daily living of the patient at their own home. This makes the process of healing more easily in the confines of the home environment.

Home Health Assistants are specially trained individuals to look after the care of patients in the home environment which is away from the confines of the hospital ward. They are specially trained to look after with the limited resources available in the home environment.


Physiotherapy plays an important role in the recovery from acute illness. Hospitalization causes various side effects which needs acute and long term physiotherapy to gain back the daily activities. Jubilee Home Physiotherapy offers the expertise of physiotherapy with all the advanced gadgets at home to help in the process of faster recovery.

Nursing Care at home

With chronic disease burden increasing in the patients along with the elderly care population, care needs have become diverse in the community and at home. Patients require help with various activities and care at home. Insulin injections are one of the most important among these types of requirements. Patients who needs long term antibiotics for chronic and deep seated infections can be managed at home with specialist nursing who can look after the IV injections at home. Long term wound care which involves cleaning, dressing and wound care can be managed by trained nurses at home. Some other important conditions that can be managed by specialist home nurses include Stroke Rehab, chronic diabetic foot, bed sores etc.,

Wound Care

Chronic wounds in the form of Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Bed Sores, Chronic Non Healing Ulcers etc., need continuous and specialist care on a daily basis. The wounds need to be looked after carefully by specialist nurses trained in this job. Wounds some time take weeks to months to heal and visiting the hospital for daily dressing is a distressing process. Jubilee nursing team offers wound care at home.

Medical Equipment Hire

A wide range of medical equipment can be hired for short or long term, such as Nebulisers, Home Oxygen Therapy, CPAP machines for Sleep apnea Syndrome, Syringe Drivers for pain relief, Hospital beds for end of life care etc.,

End of life care

Palliative care, Old age end of life care are specialist care that can now be managed at the patients home. This gives life to patients who wish to breathe their last at their own home. Palliative care involves control of symptoms like pain, hydration, bowel care etc. Jubilee end of life care team involves oncologists and palliative care specialists to make the end of life comfortable.

Stroke Rehab

Stroke is a chronic disease with wide spread consequences to the patient and the family. Stroke needs dedicated care to improve the final outcome and prevent complications. The multidisciplinary team consisting of specialist doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians etc., under the supervision of a specialised stroke rehab team improves the final outcome of treatment.

Stroke needs prolonged specialist nurse and rehab at home after the acute investigation, stabilisation and treatment is finished in the hospital. This specialist stroke rehab if done in a hospital can be expensive as well as depressing for the patient. Stroke rehab at home is one of the speciality areas of Jubilee Home Health.

Sample Collection

In the digital age of speed, patients with chronic illnesses which need to be constantly monitored with bloods tests do not find time to make the first trip to the medical centre to give a blood or urine sample and then the second visit to collect the report.

Jubilee Home Health offers home Lab Collection, and Reports are delivered electronically via email quickly This service also sends reminders around the time of the next test time. The samples are processed in NABL accredited labs to ensure absolute quality of processing. Samples are bar-coded to avoid any mistakes

Home Pharmacy Delivery

Chronic illness needs pharmacy to keep the medical condition under control long term. We provide home delivery of pharmacy at your door stem month after month at very reasonable rates.